What’s to come in Issue 1 – to be released on August 17th 2020!

Issue 1 is due for release on August 17th 2020 and we have lots in store to share with you… to give you a sneak peek a brief synopsis of some of the articles to come are described below:

‘The importance of giving back: Community Service and Leadership skills’: Athletic Director Laura Davies tells us about the Sports Leadership programme she has implemented at her school, and the work she is doing with NGO ‘Playonside’ based on the Thai-Myanmar border. In this article Laura reflects on what she has learnt about combining sports and community service, and how this has contributed to giving students a broader focus and appreciation of the local and global issues affecting the wider communities they inhabit.

‘The Wheel of Change: Re-setting the default button and creating change in a post lockdown era’: Former School Counsellor and counselling consultant, Alex Gunn, teaches us more about the ‘Wheel of Change’, and the opportunities presented to schools to reassess their wellbeing priorities post lock-down and how to go about creating positive change.

Other articles to be included in the first issue include the benefits of getting outdoors on our mental and physical wellbeing, how boarding school provision has been affected by COVID-19, what the pandemic has taught us about how we care for our students, and the heightened issue of gaming addictions post-lockdown.

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