BTECs and International Schools: A Review

Something a little different on a topic close to my heart: ‘BTECs and International Schools: A Review’. Big thanks to everyone that helped by sharing their views and experiences on the topic! Please forgive any errors that I may have made! Would love to hear your thoughts & feedback.

2 thoughts on “BTECs and International Schools: A Review

  1. Change to specification 2019 during pandemic times in International BTEC school is a bit challenging and in my opinion schools should be given a chance to use the old spec for the next academic year. It’s been lot going on and Pearson does not have enough tailor-made resources for teachers to start teaching holistic approach of essays.

    I thought the above should be considered into planning and I already have contacted BTEC Pearson England to give us some support for the above mentioned.

    Thanks for sharing this great opportunity.


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    1. Hi Zeeshan,

      Thanks so much for taking the time to read this article and to share your thoughts Zeeshan.

      You make a really valid point and I’m sure that many people would benefit from the support that you are advocating for!




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