Launch of the WISEducation Podcast!

I’m really excited to present the WISEducation podcast and episode 1 which is an audio version of ‘Wellbeing in international schools: Are we missing the bigger picture?’

The aim of this podcast is to discuss and explore topical issues facing international school education and episodes will include audio articles taken from the WISEducation blog and also conversations with guests who are paving the way and are having challenging, constructive and needed discussions in international school education!

Looking forward to having and sharing some important discussions about (and with) the international school community!

Series 2, Ep 1 – Students Together AgaiNst Discrimination (STAND), International School of Helsinki WISEducation Podcast

We kick-off Series 2 with a very special episode where I get the chance to chat with Carolina, Sofie, Anni and Ben, from student equity group STAND (Students Together AgaiNst Discrimination), International School of Helsinki, who are fighting for equity both within their school, and the wider community. We learn about the origins of the group, how they launched and branded the group to help engage other high school students, and their thoughts on how teachers can best support the work of student equity groups in their settings. This episode can also be found in issue 2 of the Wellbeing in International Schools Magazine which is available at: Thanks for listening and enjoy the podcast. Also, please check out for more information about WISEducation.
  1. Series 2, Ep 1 – Students Together AgaiNst Discrimination (STAND), International School of Helsinki
  2. Ep 10 – Nunana Nyomi, Associate Director of Higher Education Services, Council of International Schools
  3. Ep 9 – Tricia Friedman, Creative Content Director with Shifting Schools and creator of the Be A Better Ally podcast
  4. Ep 8 – Daniel Wickner, founder of Identity-Centered Learning and Elementary Teacher at Hong Kong International School
  5. Ep 7 – Matthew Savage, founder of #themonalisaeffect and The Data Conversation podcast, and former International School Principal

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