WISEducation Podcast – Episode 2 is OUT NOW!

In this episode I had the privilege to speak with Nick Dunn, Director of Activities and Community Operations at UWC East campus in Singapore. We explore how Nick’s background and career as an elite gymnast and coach, and also his experience in independent and international education for the past 25 years has shaped his philosophy and values when it comes to education. We also explore the work that Nick and UWCSEA are doing to create 21st Century learners, and we discuss the morality of private and international education and how we as educators and schools can encourage accountability, responsibility and connections with our local communities. Thanks for listening and enjoy the podcast.

2 thoughts on “WISEducation Podcast – Episode 2 is OUT NOW!

  1. So good to hear my former colleague Nick Dunn wax impressively lyrical on all things current in international education. Thank you Nick, some exciting, brilliant things happening at your school!

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