WISEducation Podcast – Episode 6 is OUT NOW!

In this episode I had the privilege of speaking with Kathy Wallace, Head of IB Language and Literature at UWC, Singapore. We explore an interesting and wide range of topics, including Kathy’s research on ‘Out Of The Local And Into The Global: Parental Perspectives Of International Education In Singapore’, parentocracy and elitism in international education, the potential impact of de-regulated international school markets on local education systems, and student identity and the importance of students learning about the local context in which they are being educated in. Thanks for listening and enjoy the podcast.

4 thoughts on “WISEducation Podcast – Episode 6 is OUT NOW!

  1. What a fascinating and thoughtful discussion! I really enjoyed hearing Kathy Wallace’s wise and insightful thoughts expressed so well. Thank you for another brilliant WISEducation podcast episode.

  2. Good podcasts. I feel that your conversation is excellent. It speaks to the reality of education. I think parents should listen to this podcast to understand better and teach their children. Thank you for sharing.

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