Wellbeing in international schools: Are we missing the bigger picture?

Having been interested in the subject of wellbeing for the past year, and spending much time researching this area through reading, listening to podcasts and attending webinars, I often can’t shake the feeling that many of these discussions, whilst helpful, neglect some of the biggest challenges to student wellbeing within the international school context; safeguarding,Continue reading “Wellbeing in international schools: Are we missing the bigger picture?”

The ‘selectively gay’ teacher conundrum

My wife and I were chatting last night, as we often do about everything ranging from human rights issues to how pretty our dogs are (just in case you didn’t know – this takes up a good 70% of our conversations on average). My wife is currently working on a project that is looking intoContinue reading “The ‘selectively gay’ teacher conundrum”