The role of teachers as a catalyst for curiosity

This week I was really fortunate to have the opportunity to sit down and have a fascinating talk with Dr Stephen Whitehead, co-creator of EDDi. We spoke about a range of issues currently facing the world of international schooling, and also discussed our backgrounds in Higher Education. One thing that Stephen said that really stoodContinue reading “The role of teachers as a catalyst for curiosity”

Growth in tension: How working internationally changed my thinking

When I first arrived in South East Asia there were so many things that, perceived through my Western lens, I found difficult to understand. Why did no one queue in 7/11? Why did no one seem to get angry at bad driving? Why was it that the more frustrated I got when complaining about whateverContinue reading “Growth in tension: How working internationally changed my thinking”

The ‘righting reflex’… when helping isn’t always helpful

A couple of years ago I had the opportunity to attend a Motivational Interviewing workshop with Prof. Stephen Rollnick and one of the things that stood out to me the most from this workshop is the concept of the ‘righting reflex’ and how in trying to be helpful, we can sometimes unintentionally be the opposite. Continue reading “The ‘righting reflex’… when helping isn’t always helpful”

Issue 2 of the WISEducation Newsletter is out NOW!

Hi everyone, I’m really excited to share the second issue of the WISEducation Newsletter! WISEducation Newsletter Issue 2 Issue 2 contains a range of articles from 14 different contributors based across the world including Thailand, Holland, Hong Kong, Singapore, Myanmar and the UK. Inside you’ll find articles covering topics such as student identity, LGBT+ teachersContinue reading “Issue 2 of the WISEducation Newsletter is out NOW!”

WISEducation Newsletter Issue 2 coming soon!

I’m very excited to share the front cover of issue 2 of the WISEducation Newsletter, which is coming very soon! This issue contains several new articles on a wide variety of wellbeing related topics, including; how teachers’ identities affirm diverse student futures, how safe LGBT+ teachers are in the international sector, and exploring how schoolsContinue reading “WISEducation Newsletter Issue 2 coming soon!”

Letting students surprise us: The power of being proven wrong

I think it’s really interesting how people can change over time. For example, I now really enjoy working in a school setting in a pastoral capacity, but I had a history of being disengaged at school. In primary school, social services had to get involved because I refused to go to school. In secondary school,Continue reading “Letting students surprise us: The power of being proven wrong”

A little about myself and the WISEducation blog!

My name is Dr Sadie Hollins and I currently work as a Head of Sixth Form at an International School in Chiang Mai, Thailand. My background prior to working in international education was as a HE lecturer and researcher focusing on sport and sociology. After a decision to take a different life path, my partnerContinue reading “A little about myself and the WISEducation blog!”