Why I don’t message back sometimes…

I have always been an anxious person. At school I was flagged up repeatedly as a concern, and as an adult I continue to have chronic struggles with mental health. When I have bad days I can’t leave the house, and when I have good days I probably just appear a little nervous or quiet.Continue reading “Why I don’t message back sometimes…”

[Guest blog] 5 Reasons Why the ‘Catch-up’ Narrative is Harmful to Children’s Mental Health

Guest blog by Ava Shabnum Hasan & The Mentally Well Schools Team There is no doubt that the last year has had a huge impact on the education of our children and young people. Lockdowns with extended periods of learning remotely, and the many challenges of adjusting to that, have had a significant effect on theContinue reading “[Guest blog] 5 Reasons Why the ‘Catch-up’ Narrative is Harmful to Children’s Mental Health”

Issue 2 of the WISEducation Newsletter is out NOW!

Hi everyone, I’m really excited to share the second issue of the WISEducation Newsletter! WISEducation Newsletter Issue 2 Issue 2 contains a range of articles from 14 different contributors based across the world including Thailand, Holland, Hong Kong, Singapore, Myanmar and the UK. Inside you’ll find articles covering topics such as student identity, LGBT+ teachersContinue reading “Issue 2 of the WISEducation Newsletter is out NOW!”

WISEducation Newsletter Issue 2 coming soon!

I’m very excited to share the front cover of issue 2 of the WISEducation Newsletter, which is coming very soon! This issue contains several new articles on a wide variety of wellbeing related topics, including; how teachers’ identities affirm diverse student futures, how safe LGBT+ teachers are in the international sector, and exploring how schoolsContinue reading “WISEducation Newsletter Issue 2 coming soon!”