Why I don’t message back sometimes…

I have always been an anxious person. At school I was flagged up repeatedly as a concern, and as an adult I continue to have chronic struggles with mental health. When I have bad days I can’t leave the house, and when I have good days I probably just appear a little nervous or quiet.Continue reading “Why I don’t message back sometimes…”

Teachers, wellbeing and the ‘Laziness Lie’

‘If you do more, you are more’. That’s right, isn’t it?  This week I really enjoyed reading ‘Laziness Does Not Exist’ by Dr Devon Price, which explores this idea in depth. In the book Price dispels the myth of what they term the ‘Laziness Lie’; the idea that success requires nothing more than willpower, thatContinue reading “Teachers, wellbeing and the ‘Laziness Lie’”

Rethinking our thinking: The tale of the preacher, the prosecutor and the politician

In order to grow, ‘unlearning’ can be just as important, if not more so, than learning. That feels like a funny thing to say as someone who works in education. Schools are in the business of learning. It’s where we learn how to read, how to write, how to pass exams, how to make friends,Continue reading “Rethinking our thinking: The tale of the preacher, the prosecutor and the politician”

The ‘shock’ factor: Triaging wellbeing during a pandemic

For my first article of 2021 I had thought about writing a cheery ‘new year, new you’ style piece about wellbeing, but I quickly realised that with all of the current world ‘going-ons’, I felt it might be inauthentic and to be honest, a bit of a lie.  I’ll admit that I have had aContinue reading “The ‘shock’ factor: Triaging wellbeing during a pandemic”